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Show Checklist for Horse & Rider

Show Checklist for horse & rider

Going to a show is super exciting!

Let’s make sure you and your horse are well prepared



First of all – Check the dress code on your show entry

–          Do you have to wear white jodhpurs?

–          Do you have to wear a jacket?

–          Do you have to wear a hairnet?

If it’s a training or recreational show you can normally wear any colours jodhpurs and a neat shirt without a jacket



Checklist for the rider:

–          Helmet and helmet bag

–          Hairnet

–          Show Jacket

–          Gloves

–          Whip or crop

–          Breeches or jodhpurs

–          Show shirt

–          Riding boots (long or short)

–          Gaiters (if you ride with short boots)

–          Spurs


Next let’s get your horse kitted out:

–          Most important – Carrots / treats 🙂


Getting your horse to the show safely:

–          Trucking kit – Includes Halter, poll guard, trucking boots, daysheet or sweatsheet, and a tail guard

–          Passport


Tacking your horse up at the show:

–          Bridle

–          Bit (make sure it is show legal)

–          Earnet (if necessary)

–          Martingale

–          Numnah

–          Saddle and saddle cover

–          Boots

–          Collapsible saddle rack

–          It’s a good idea to take a spare pair of reins with you just in case

–          Mounting block


Keeping your horse clean & comfortable at the show:

–          Bucket

–          Feed Tray

–          Haynet / haybag

–          Grooming kit – Includes a tack bag, dandy brush, body brush, curry comb, hoof pick, mane comb and a sponge

–          Microfibre mitt

–          Fly spray

–          Blanket (if it’s cold)

–          Rain sheet (if it’s rainy season)



Last but not least – don’t forget to thank and spoil your groom for prepping and looking after your horse so well at the show