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Saddle Trail Child Colour 14 Solo

Code: SAD215C
R 3 545,45

Product Features

  • Child size, lightweight saddle
  • Very secure seat
  • Panels easily adjust with velcro to fit various horses
  • Polymer safety stirrups
  • Chafeless girth

Lightweight 14" child saddle, with high front and back for extra security. Child size, lightweight saddle. Very secure seat. Panels easily adjust with velcro to fit various horses. Polymer safety stirrups. Chafeless girth. Low maintenance nylon straps and stirrup leathers that are slim and lie flat - no bulk under the legs. Any colour seat.

Lydia Bruin

I JUST received my son's CHILD TRAIL SADDLE 14 inch SAD215C and I LOVE IT! IT's SO cute, cute, cute! We ordered it with a blue seat and it is a beautiful blue! The seat is made of a durable material and it is like a cushion! What you can't see on the website is that that seat is totally removable from the saddle TO BE REPLACED with a different colour if the child fancies a different colour next month! SO CUTE! The girth is adjustable for all different size horses, don't worry about that! The stirrups can be made really short! We're trying it out this afternoon! Can't wait!