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Sweat Sheet Solo

Code: SWE149
From R 695,52

Product Features

  • Strong woven cotton will not stretch out of shape
  • 2 clip on options in the front for size adjustment
  • Reinforced in the front for strength
  • Fleece wither protection pad
  • Cross over straps and a tail strap

Strong woven cotton mesh sheet that allows the horse to cool down gradually while preventing the muscles from getting a chill and stiffening up. The holes in the breathable mesh material allows the sweat to dry whilst still keeping your horse covered. Fully washable and keeps its shape. 2 clip-on options in the front for size adjustment. Fleece wither protection. Reinforced cotton-lined front for durability and strength. Cross over straps and a tail strap. Black, navy, blue, purple. S/125cm, M/135cm, L/145cm, XL/155cm

This product is available in the following sizes : 

  • S / PONY / 125CM
  • M / COB / 135CM
  • L / FULL / 145CM
  • XL / 155CM
Andrea Van Rijswijk

HQ Product Testing: This sweatsheet, which is anatomically shaped, allows a horse to cool off without getting a chill, which would cramp up muscles. Yet it is cool enough, thanks to the mesh, to use in summer. It is also handy to keep dust off a horse before a show or while travelling. I like that it is a quality product, finished well, and that it is made to fit the shape of a horse. I also like the New Zealand leg straps at the back.