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Poll Guard Quick Fit Solo

Code: POL020C
R 305,90

Product Features

  • Safer, easier, quicker poll guard
  • Velcro straps - easy to put on/remove - no more fussing around your horse's head
  • Fits well with poll, head and face protection

The safer, easier, quicker alternative to standard poll guards. Impact protection for the horse's head whilst travelling - with poll, head and face protection. Made with velcro straps so it can be put on or taken off while the horse already has the halter on, no need to fit this poll guard to the halter first and then battle to get it on the horse's head. Lined with felt, which offers extra protection and absorbs some of the impact. Black with any colour nylon strip down the middle. One size fits all.  aLL COLOURS AVAILABLE

This product is available in the following sizes : 

  • PONY
  • COB
  • FULL
  • XL 
Dana Booth

We developed this poll guard for my horse who can be a little fidgety with his head. With this poll guard I can swop my bridle for my halter easily at shows, and put the poll guard on afterwards using the velcro tabs. This makes it much safer because he has the halter on already and there is no chance of him lifting his head out of the halter (like he used to do when the poll guard had to be already attached) and escaping. It really makes life much easier and simpler at shows