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Eggbutt Elliptical Copper Roller

Code: EGG180
From R 469,20

Product Features

  • Elliptical link removes nutcracker action
  • Mild, no leverage action
  • Copper rollers prevent the horse grabbing / leaning on the bit

Useful in training a young horse, general riding, and the beginning stages of dressage How it works: Like most snaffle bits the action is on the bars of the mouth. The shape of the cheeks prevents the bit from pinching the horse's lips. The elliptical link (oval lozenge in the middle of the bit) reduces nutcracker action, has a more even pressure over the bars, and allows independent control over the two sides of the mouth. There is no curb or leverage action, making this a mild bit. Copper rollers help salivating and prevents horse taking hold of bit.