Sole Soothe Hoof Poultice 2Kg

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Use instead of bandaging / soaking hooves

Ideal as a poultice on abscesses / bruised soles and will protect flat feet from bruises

Easy to apply, remove and re-apply if needed

Can be used with the shoe on – no need to call your farrier

Contains: Arnica, Epsom Salts, Iodine, Stockholm Tar


Sole Soothe is a hoof poultice/pack that can be used instead of bandaging or soaking bruised / damaged hooves.  There is no need to take the shoe off.


It is also ideal to use after a hard workout, after working and competing on hard surfaces and is easy to apply.


The main ingredients are:

Arnica – Known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties

Epsom salts – Known for its ability to draw out and reduce inflammation

Iodine – Known for it’s antiseptic properties

Stockholm Tar – aids in keeping the moisture balance in the hoof


These ingredients act together to make this hoof pack the ideal product to use as a poultice on an abscess or bruised sole.


Very easy to use – simply scoop some out of the tub and press into the hoof to cover the entire exposed area.  Press some shavings on the top to seal it in and leave it to do it’s work.

Re-apply if needed after 24 hours.  Flick the old product out of the hoof with a hoof pick and re-apply as needed.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 20 cm


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