Saddle Lane Fox Professional

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Proudly South African.

Cut back show saddle popular with American Saddlers, Arabs, Boerperd and Fresians.

Fits different conformations

The latest saddle design by professional trainer Harold Poil, a top SouthAfrican / American professional horseman and a leading saddle crafter. Endorsed and used by most South African trainers.

Adjustable sliding stirrup bar offers 3 different leg positions.

Ultra slim, close contact panels.




Wood with metal reinforcing.

Specially made in England for Solo Saddlers.
Due to the design of the tree and the assembly of the saddle this saddle sits into a horse and not on top of a horse

Ergonomic design of the tree and strategically placed padding ensures that the saddle fits a variety of horses with different conformation without causing discomfort or resting on sensitive pressure points.



Full grain leather.

Custom moulded seat ensures: A more secure seat position increasing rider comfort, safety and balance. Correct positioning of seat bones on the saddle for better feel and ensuring that the rider maintains the same seat position preventing loss of balance.



Full grain leather.

Ultra slim panels seat the rider as close as possible to the horse.



Generous flaps provide maximum protection to the rider’s suit.

Made form a quality full grain leather providing maximum rider grip and seat control.


Stirrup Bars:

Adjustable sliding stirrup bar ensures:

That the correct knee position can be obtained according to individual leg length ensuring a more secure seat when riding.

That the saddle will be able to fit different size riders.

Deeply recessed sliding bar ensures optimum stirrup positioning and comfort.


Girth straps:

Made from a high quality durable leather for a secure safe girth fit.

Billet guard is positioned to give the utmost protection from girth pinch/rub to the horse.


Size 20″ fits a child

Size 21″ fits a teenager or small adult

Size 22″ fits adult
Size 23″ fits tall adult

Additional information

Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 34 cm

Black, Brown


21", 22", 23"


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