Saddle for Disabled

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Suitable for a rider who needs to be secured into the saddle.

Designed to hold rider in the saddle in a secure, stable position.

Deep seat with a back support.

Safety belts for waist and legs.


Tree: Deep secure seat with a molded back support.

Seat: Padded with non slip suede. Removable, washable wool fleece bumnah and back rest helps reduce pressure spots and reduces sweating.

Panels:The under part is made from unique “air flow” that wicks away sweat and mold into place for a perfect fit to spread weight evenly over horse’s back.
Easy adjust with velcro to fit various wither fits. Removable, replaceable.

Safety belts: 2 removable waist straps with quick release are secured around the back rest.
2 removable leg straps with quick release are secured around the flaps.

Girth: Chafeless contour shaped comfort fabric with elasticised buckles. GIR035.

Girth Points: The replaceable girth straps secure from front and back, to ensure a snug, comfortable and even contact saddle fit.

Stirrups: Broad based endurance safety stirrups with no bulk nylon stirrup leathers that lie flat under riders legs.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 50 cm


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