Pelham Soft Rubber

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Stainless steel with a rubber mouth piece
Multiple rein options for degrees of control
Curb chain included
Straight mouth piece equals less pressure on tongue & bars


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A pelham bit provides the benefits of a double bridle – using snaffle action and curb action – without the need for 2 bits.


A Pelham can be used with a variety of rein options:1. Two reins can be used so that the rider has both a snaffle and a curb rein.
2. A rein connector can also be used – a connector attaches to the curb ring and the snaffle ring, and the rein attaches to the connector, allowing the use of a single rein.
3. A single rein can be used without connectors, either at the snaffle ring or the curb ring, depending on the desired action and amount of control needed.


A pelham bit needs to be used with a curb chain to be effective.


The straight rubber mouth piece distributes rein pressure more evenly over the tongue and less on the bars.
Good for horses that are sensitive in the bars of their mouths

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 4 cm

3.5", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6"


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