Numnah Stockman Everstretch

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PLEASE NOTE: this item is made in our factory and can take up to 1 week to be delivered!

Everstretch numnahs are like the English Polypad.

The unique filler creates a moving shock absorbing bed between the saddle and back.

This results in:
1. No friction so horse sweats 70% less.
2. No pressure spots.
3. No loss of hair.



Revolutionary Everstretch numnah ensures maximum comfort for you and your horse.


Shock absorbing, durable and machine washable.


Unique Everstretch filler alleviates pressure points.

Ensures distribution of rider and saddle weight.

Minimal quilting and stitching equals less pressure / rubbing.

No centre seam, for no rubbing on the spine.

Machine washable – 30 degrees.

Dries in under 30 minutes. Shaped wither front for comfort and clearance.

50mm thick.

Any colour combination.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 15 cm

Black, Royal Blue, Navy, Brown, Bottle Green, Purple


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