Neck Stretcher Solo

R271.40 incl. VAT

For lunging & flatwork

Easy to adjustable

Effective without using force

Uses mostly poll pressure


A neck stretcher can be used for lunging and ridden/flat work.


It is a long elastic rope that runs from the poll, through the bit, and down between the horse’s front legs, or to the side rings on a girth or lunge roller/surcingle.

The toggle is used to easily adjust it longer/shorter for each individual horse


It is fairly simple and easy to use.  It is extremely effective, without using force thanks to the elastic.


If the horse raises its head and/or pushes its nose out, the neck stretcher puts downward pressure on the poll, with secondary pressure on the bit.

If the neck stretcher is attached between the legs there is less pressure on the mouth and more on the poll.


A Girth loop (GIR300) can be used to attach the neck stretcher to the girth, or to add a bit of length if needed.


This should NOT be used for jumping as the horse is unable to stretch its neck out over the fence, or raise it for balance on landing

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 4 cm


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