Fly Sheet & Neck Solo Zebra

R1,582.40 incl. VAT


Includes neck cover
Soft mesh protection to keep out biting insects whilst remaining comfortable for the horse

Zebra pattern for added protection
Adjustable front buckle closures
Shoulder pleat
Cross over straps
Large tail flap



Maximum protection against allergies, flies, midges and insect bites.
Helps to prevent Horse Sickness and bleaching of horse’s coat.


Research and theories behind the zebra pattern say that flies land less on stripes than on solid colours, saving your horse from fly bites and itches and allergies.


Adjustable front buckle closures.
Shoulder pleats for freedom of movement.
Cross over straps to keep the sheet in place.
Large tail flap and neck cover for maximum coverage


S / Pony / 125cm / 14-15H | M / Cob / 135CM / 15-16H | L / Horse / 145CM / 16-17H | XL / Big Horse / 155CM – 17H

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 43 × 12 × 8 cm

L/145cm/Full, M/135cm/Cob, S/125cm/Pony, XL/155cm


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