Copper Roller Dee 5″

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Prevents pinching corners of mouth
More control with steering
Rollers prevent horse grabbing the bit

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A dee ring snaffle is a cross between an eggbutt snaffle and a fulmer snaffle.
It is less bulky than an eggbutt, prevents pinching at the corners of the mouth, and has more control as it has longer cheeks/shanks than an eggbutt.

Because of this degree of control and safety, this bit is mostly used in show jumping and racing.

The dee shanks are longer and straighter than an eggbutts, so this bit works more on the sides of the mouth, giving the rider more control with steering, without the bit being able to be pulled through the mouth.

For horses that need something stronger than a jointed bit.

The copper and stainless steel rollers on the bit prevents the horse from grabbing the bit between his teeth, giving the rider more control, as well as the nut cracker action from the jointed mouth piece.

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