Calm Mix Herbal Horse 500 g

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Calming supplement without causing drowsiness

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The Herbal Horse Calm Mix contains a blend of herbs, 5 – HTP, magnesium and thiamine formulated to have a calming effect on horses without causing drowsiness.

Contains: Contains 5 – HTP (an amino acid, which acts as a anti-depressant), thiamine (a vitamin which has been found to have a calming effect in horses), magnesium in a bioavailable form (amino acid chelate) and herbs such as chamomile (gently soothes without causing drowsiness).

Use this product daily or at events only, whatever the needs of the individual horse.

Dose: 15 g (daily dose) to 60 g (event dose, if necessary).

Use this: if your horse is “hot”, spooky or tense as a natural calmer for horses if your competition horse becomes agitated or nervous at events if your horse finds it difficult to relax in the paddock or stable in rescue horses as an antidepressant/anti-anxiety supplement when attempting difficult training, eg. Boxing

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