Bridle Horse/Big Donkey Nylon + Bit Solo

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PLEASE NOTE: this item is made in our factory and can take up to 1 week to be delivered!

Suitable for harness work
Moulded blinkers/winkers
Specially designed donkey bit
For large donkeys and horses


For large donkeys and horses


Specially designed blinkers or winkers (square pieces of leather) are attached to the cheek pieces of the bridle to keep the donkey focused on the path ahead of him and limit his peripheral vision to avoid distractions.
These are moulded so they do not interfere or irritate the eyes.


Specially made bit that is the correct size for donkeys and kinder on the mouth.


Lightweight and low maintenance – no oiling needed.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 49 × 9 × 16 cm


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