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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what size bridle / halter / blanket should I use on my horse?
A: this is a guideline only.  

13-14H – XS / foal size / 115cm (blanket).  
14-15H – Small / Pony / 125cm (blanket).  
15-16H – Medium / Cob / 135cm (blanket).  
16-17H – Large / Full / 145cm (blanket).  
17H upwards - XL / 155cm (blanket)

Q: what size bit should I use?
A: this is a guideline only.

14H – 4.5” / 115cm / pony bit
15H – 5” / 125cm
16H – 5.5” / 135cm
17” – 6” / 145cm

Horse Tech and Solo chaps measuring chart:
1.    Please note these measurements are in inches
2.    Calf measurement – Measure around the widest part of your calf.
3.    Length measurement – Measure the length from the back of the knee up to the ankle.

Size XXS – length 14.5”, calf 12.5”
Size XS – length 15”, calf 13”
Size S – length 15.5”, calf 13.5”
Size M – length 16”, calf 14”
Size L – length 16.5”, calf 14.5”
Size XL – length 17”, calf 15”
Size XXL – length 17”, calf 16”

Size 6 – length 12”, calf 10”
Size 8 – length 12.5”, calf 10.5”
Size 10 – length 13”, calf 11”
Size 12 – length 13.5”, calf 11.5”
Size 14 – length 14”, calf 12”

Q: I have a problem with the back cinch strap on my western saddle, my instructor says it must be tight but my horse doesn't actually like it tight. Is there a solution to this?
A: The back cinch is there to keep the saddle secure for mountainous trail riding, barrel racing, steer roping and any other fast paced western games, other than that the back cinch is not needed, and especially not tight if the horse is not used to it. To get the horse used to it start by leaving it very loose and gradually tighten it up every time you go riding, just remember to use the strap that connects the back and front cinch, so the back girth cant slide back and cause even more discomfort for the horse, and maybe even a buck or two!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept credit card payments, download authorisation form here as well as, cash and eft payments.

Q: How should I care for my leather?
A: Here in our hot and dry South African climate oiling your leather should be done regularly, perhaps every 2 weeks or when the leather feels or looks dry.  

1. Oil your saddle in the shade to enable oils and saddle soaps to penetrate the leather.
2. Oiled leather is far stronger than non oiled leather.  So it is important to undo all buckles to ensure that the oil is reaching these areas that take the most strain.
3. On used tack it is important to clean the leather first as the dirt will either be carried into the leather or prevent the oil from penetrating.
4. Use plenty of saddle soap and water to remove the dust/dirt build up from your leather.  Work the soap into a good lather, the water will not damage the leather provided you are mixing it with enough saddle soap.
5. While the leather is still damp apply Solo leather oil evenly with a sponge / cloth, remembering it is better to oil lightly and frequently.  We have found that oil penetrates better if it is applied to damp leather.


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